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Why I Made My Own Keyboard Layout

So many people ask, why did I make my own keyboard layout, and the short answer is: “I’m lazy”.

The long answer: I tried Colemak, and after typing on Colemak for a few months, I became frustrated with symbol placement, and the placement of some letters (B and J in specific), and tried a few other layouts, Dvorak and Antibracket. I went back to keyboard zero, and in the frustration of wanting to type faster, switched much of Antibracket to be more like Colemak, then put it up on github.

So why not type on QWERTY like everyone else does?

Because QWERTY is incredibly hard to type on, specifically for programming. I don’t like straining to reach the top row of my keyboard with the shift key held down to type symbols.

Yes, it is an inconvenience typing on other’s computers, but there is always hunting and pecking, and I also have a portable version of my keyboard layout for longer typing sessions.

What should I type on?

Not QWERTY. It hurts.

You should look at various different layouts and see what you like. Here are a few I tried:

And a few others I haven’t tried:

If you are looking for a symbols layer like I have, check out Antibracket or Neo.