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Generating Windows 95, NT 4, etc. Product Keys

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Microsoft used a common product identification number format for their first versions of Windows to require a product key: Windows 95 and NT 4. In addition, they used this simple format for other products of the time, such as Office 97 and Office 98 for Macintosh.

The product keys come in two variants:

A retail key looks like this:


An OEM key kooks like this:



This page provides you instructions on how to generate product keys, but by no means does it mean I endorse such an action. Although Microsoft no longer sells any products that use this key format, they might still care since lawyers are a complex variety of people that make no sense.

So do so at your own risk.

Retail Keys

A valid product key for a retail copy of Windows 95 or NT 4 is:



OEM Keys

A valid product key for an OEM copy of Windows 95 or NT 4 is: